School-Improvement Provider of the Year

Thuso was selected for the second year in a row as the winner of the EducationInvestor ‘School-Improvement Provider of the Year’ Award, in recognition of its work in supporting policy reform and systems development, training and capacity building, and the development of technology-enabled, and data automation-based systems to support school improvement, and associated monitoring and evaluation.

The work of Thuso’s team in this field is highly international, with many assignments comprising support directly to ministries of education (with multilateral development bank financing), with a particular focus on SIDS contexts, emerging economies, and contexts affected by conflict or other emergencies, though the group continues to provide support in the context of developed economies also, including within the European Union.

Recent school improvement initiatives undertaken by members of the Thuso team have focused on Central Asia, the Pacific Islands, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Caribbean, as well as the development of toolkits for improved educational programming at national and international levels, focused on improving resilience in education systems. Most recently, this has included support by the Thuso team of National Compact development initiatives, working closely with UNICEF, the GPE, and a range of multilateral development banks internationally.

Thuso has also expanded its reach to address broader issues of child protection in schools, as well as skills development and employability at a regional level, as well as engagement with sport policy in a range of international settings. Thuso’s regional experience also continues to expand, with a growing portfolio in Europe, Central Asia, Africa, the Pacific, and the Caribbean.

Thuso’s work is increasingly technology driven, adopting innovative automation-based approaches to data collection, analysis, and reporting, to inform effective interventions in education systems, driving school improvement internationally.

EducationInvestor Awards judges commented: “Thuso has the moral high ground because of the nature of what it seeks to achieve in the less-advantaged settings it is working in. It has a formidable roll of prestigious national and international clients.”

The award was collected by Thuso Group’s managing director Matthew Goldie-Scot, global head of operations Alexandra Tigan, Thuso’s general counsel Shawn Desker, consultant Leticia Salmon, and technical fellow Oscar Megan.

Matthew commented: “We are delighted that Thuso has, again, been selected as a winner in the EducationInvestor Awards, building on the ‘School Improvement Provider of the Year’ Award in 2022, and the ‘Exporting Excellence’ Award in 2020. It is particularly positive to see Thuso’s innovative work in applying technological solutions to drive learning outcomes in some of the world’s most challenging contexts, recognised, as well as our rapidly growing portfolio, particularly in Central Asia, the Caribbean and the Pacific. Wonderful to see the team’s work recognised yet again – a privilege to serve alongside such a capable group of colleagues.”

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