Education Software Provider of the Year

Pebble is transforming early childhood education, one click at a time.

At Pebble, we believe finding flexible and convenient childcare should be effortless. Given the immense transformation in the childcare sector, providers have had to adapt their business models and offerings to cater to changes in working patterns and parent needs. Parents, now more than ever, need flexibility and convenience to manage their work-life balance and that’s where Pebble comes in: we have developed the first-ever tech solution that connects childcare and activity providers with anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Pebble is the only solution that provides a turnkey booking platform which can be linked to its proprietary marketplace to advertise available spaces to its growing parent base. Parents can view and book the service or activity they want in just a few clicks. Providers using Pebble see an average of 30% increase in incremental bookings, thanks to their increased exposure and the ease of booking via Pebble.

When we onboard a provider, we work closely with them to customise the platform to their specific needs; this adaptable approach caters to providers of various types, including pre-schools, nurseries, activity programmes, summer camps, childminders and nannies while allowing parents to book and manage their childcare needs easily in a way that suits their busy lives.

Our flexible childcare solutions are now available to businesses to offer to their staff as an additional benefit. We recognise that unexpected circumstances, cancellations or closures can disrupt childcare arrangements, impacting the work-life balance of employees. Pebble provides a swift resolution to last minute or forward planning requests, ensuring peace of mind for both providers and families.

We believe that flexibility is the future and Pebble is on a mission to provide the right solution for everyone who needs to search, book and manage reliable and suitable childcare and activity providers – even at the very last minute. Providers are notified of the booking and receive payment, eliminating the need for parents to wait for responses, with over 50% of requests being secured outside operating hours.

Pebble has developed its software with the wellbeing of children and ensures that classes cannot be overbooked. Providers have on average seen a minimum of 28% increase in bookings for ad hoc spaces.

Pebble prioritises quality and supports providers by reducing admin time by up to 90% per booking, allowing them to focus on delivering high-quality services, knowing that parents expect nothing but the best for their children.

With Pebble, childcare and activities have never been more accessible, efficient and reliable.

Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to shape the future. Visit: or call our director of childcare, Dane Hardie on 07708 668 834 to learn more about our platform.

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