Arden University
Higher Education Institution of the Year

A digital-first university, Arden University continues to develop its growing reputation for digital excellence. Offering a combination of bespoke distance and blended learning courses accredited by professional bodies, domestic and international learners can access the skills, insight and education needed to further their careers and become the leaders of tomorrow.

With more than 27,000 students globally online and at our study centres in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Berlin, we have again witnessed comprehensive student growth across UK and international markets, and remain more committed than ever to accessibility, widening participation, and exposing some of the UK’s most marginalised students to the transformative power of higher education.

Helping a diverse student body, Arden’s unique student community is arguably one of the most ethnically diverse student groups in the country.

Our UK learners are almost exclusively adults returning to education – 88.6% are aged 21 and older – often due to being shut out of traditional education.

More than 42.6% of our student body are from a BAME background, significantly higher than the sector average.

We pride ourselves on helping anyone into education regardless of background or situation. Breaking down traditional barriers of time, geography and expense, we are especially focused on reaching those who have found routes into education blocked. We believe that embedding cutting-edge education technology and real-world relevance within our courses provides our students with the skills to develop, the knowledge to succeed, and the opportunity to untap potential others have overlooked.

Arden’s Equality Scholarship celebrates EDI across the university. Under the scholarship, five Arden students who have had to overcome barriers just because of who they are will be chosen to receive full scholarships for the remainder of their studies.

We have recently been in the fortunate position to also launch two new schools – our School of Criminology and our School of Policing, Security and Cybercrime. Both offer cutting-edge courses, including our BSc (Hons) forensic and criminal investigation.

We have also demonstrated our growing influence as an international institution. Our international blended learning student numbers at our flagship Berlin Study Centre increased by 66% year-on-year, and our franchise partnerships with Roots IVY International College and with Success Point College welcomed students to the ICMS Lahore Campus in Pakistan and the UAE.

Success for Arden is about democratising education and removing boundaries so that no matter what your background, nationality or other commitments are, you can aspire to a high-quality higher education. It’s about equal access, and an environment in which everyone can aspire to the kind of career they want and deserve and access the skills, training and support they need to make it a reality.

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